All Types of Door and Window Repaired

  • Door Locks, Handles and Hinges
  • Window Locks, Handles and Hinges
  • Garage Door Cables, Springs and Locks
  • Roller Shutter Automation
  • Double Glazed Units
  • Sliding Door Wheels, Locks and Handles
  • Sash Window Cords, Weights and Locks
  • Traditional Puttied Glazing
  • Commercial Door and Window Security
  • Fire Doors and HMO Compliance
  • Is your door or window not shutting as it should?

  • Do you have misted double glazing clouding your view?

  • Are you concerned  about your home, office or store security?

  • Does your garage door refuse to go up, over or back down again?

Lock 'n' Latch have the answer to all of those questions, plus many more.

We can provide a solution to almost any door and window problem.


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